Qualifying Examination (Part - 2 OSCE)

Only practice exams

What is OSCE exam?

The “objective structured clinical examination” (OSCE) consists of a series of “stations” simulating common and/or critical practical situations. These simulations often involve interactions with a Patient. We teach you basics via lectures and provides an opportunity to interact with patients/actors to simulate real world experience.

Our course structure

Practice Exams

  • Practice exams are conducted at either university of calgary or at hotel to mimic the exam scenario
  • Each day consists of 2 exams (Total 6 exams)
  • Each practice exam consists of 11 interactive stations and 4 non-interactive stations
  • Detailed feedback by a licensed pharmacist for every station

“Battling with a chronic disease and studying at the same time was a predicament that I cannot emancipate from for a long time. Everybody knows how it takes to get license as a pharmacist here in Canada compared to where we are coming from. PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre has made that possible for me. I am so grateful for all the guidance they have given me by only focusing on the necessary information one needs to know in order to surpass those inevitable exams. They have taught me to change my way of thinking as a health care professional here in Canada. They have made me adapt to the ever changing and demanding needs of the profession. I am a living proof that everything is possible in life when you put your heart into it.”

Karen, Student EE, MCQ and OSCE exam

Summary of OSCE course

Qualifying Exam (Part-2 OSCE)

February - May & August - November
Study materials
We will cover all the important stations for the exam like new prescription, prescription refills, staff management, Dr. stations, nurse stations, OTC stations, Herbal medications, non-Interactive stations (both prescription checking and dispensing checking in community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy) etc.
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  • Day 1 - 12 MAY 2023 (FRIDAY): $600
  • Day 2 - 13 MAY 2023 (SATURDAY): $600
  • Day 3 - 14 MAY 2023 (SUNDAY): $600
Mode of payment
We accept payment by Visa, Master Card, e-transfer or Cheque (Print name: PharmXellence Pharmacy Study Centre)